BCWF European Championship on the line at Wrestle World III! 11.23.2017

The BCWF European Championship will be on the line at Wrestle World III, as Champion Joey D defends his title against none other than Jazz Gardner from Wales!

It will be sort of a homecoming for the champ, as he won the title nearly one year ago in Grivegnée in a hard-hitting battle.

After seeing Gardner wrestle Matt Scorpion in an amazing match at our last show, Joey requested to wrestle the talented Brit at the biggest show of the year.

Will Joey be ready for Gardner?s British tactics? Come and see for yourself on Friday, December 8, at Wrestle World III in Grivegnée!

International three-way match for BWS Tag Team Titles! 11.22.2017

Not two, but THREE teams will battle for the vacant BWS Tag Team Championship, at Wrestle World III, in an international three-way match!

Since the previous tag team champions aren't available for a rematch (more news on this later), the number two contenders of the Space Chicken, Zad and Daz, will get another shot at the titles.

Joining them are the British team of the hard-hitting Sir Philip Charles Hyde and a partner of his choosing, making his debut in BCWF, Owen Wall.

And last but not least, they will have to deal with Dutch veterans "Long 'n' Thick", Mot and Bas Van Kunder! Their extravagant and unorthodox style has earned them titles all over Europe, so aside from their strange antics they will be a real threat to the Chickens and the Brits!

Which country will our BWS Tag Team Championships end up in? Who are you rooting for? Be there on Friday, December 8, at Grivegnée, for Wrestle World III!

Matt Scorpion defends the BWS Championship at Wrestle World III! 11.20.2017

BWS Champion Matt Scorpion will defend his title at Wrestle World III, against Sheikh Kamel!

At last year's Grivegnée show, Matt showed that he's a worthy champion by beating numerous opponents in the first ever Belgian Rumble event, in which his title was on the line.

He will defend that title again this year, this time against Sheikh Kamel. Kamel showed enough heart when he battled the behemoth, Légion, at our previous show, so much so that BCWF president Salvatore Bellomo granted him a championship match at Wrestle World III.

This will surely be a hard-hitting contest, so come find out for yourself on Friday, December 8, at Wrestle World III, in Grivegnée!

9/9 Piétrebais results: Tag Champs lose their titles 09.10.2017

These are the results of our debut show in Piétrebais in front of a sold out crowd:

- Student Match: Alex Singer, Baron Maiden & Lorenzo def. The King, Joe Destroy & Chris Power

- Blake Andersen def. Toto Kiss

- BCWF European Championship: 'The One and Only' Joey D (c) def. Oliver Satchwell

- BWS Tag Team Championship: Andynamite & Bryan Hazard (c) vs The Space Chicken ended in an outside brawl. The referee stopped the match after both sides refused to go back to the ring. President Salvatore Bellomo decided there should be no winner here, and he made the titles vacant!

- Blake Andersen def. Sir Phillip Charles Hyde by count-out

- BWS Championship: Matt Scorpion (c) def. Jezz Gardner

- Légion def. Sheikh Kamel (w/ The Boss)

Thanks to the crowd in attendance for a great night of entertainment! We will be back soon!

BWS Summer Camp 2017 starts next week! 06.27.2017

Our yearly Summer Camp is right around the corner, and we have a select few spots available!

From July 3 to 9, you can be trained by Dutch wrestlers Tengkwa and Johnny Evers, under guidance of ex-WWE and ECW star Salvatore Bellomo. Training includes developing technical skills, building mental toughness, cardio and drama training.

On Friday the 7th there will be a student show for friends, family, and anyone who wants to come and see how our students have evolved during the week. On Saturday the 8th we will hold an authentic live BCWF show, which the seminar students will get free access to.

Training will be on all levels, ranging from experienced to newcomer classes, for men and women.

The price for the whole week is just 225 Euro, which includes training, sleeping accomodation, three meals per day and free access to the BCWF show. New students have to pay an additional 20 Euro for insurance.

Training starts on Monday morning at 9:00, so it?s wise to arrive at the camp on Sunday night!

Register NOW, by calling 0494/17.83.02, or by mailing at!

Address: Hall du CEVA, Chemin des Primevères 68, 7800 Ath, Belgium
Date: Monday July 3-Sunday July 9
Price: 225 Euro

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