Kiss vs Alvin at Wrestle World III! 12.02.2017

Toto Kiss, who recently made his comeback to BCWF, wants to make a point at Wrestle World III. He will take on newcomer Chris Alvin in singles competition to prove that he still has what it takes!

Both competitors hail from Liège, making it a derby match they'll want to win!

Come support both wrestlers on Friday, December 8, in Grivegnée!

Man vs woman at Wrestle World III! 12.01.2017

BCWF will present an intergender match at Wrestle World III, as "Princess of Pain" Priscilla will make her long-awaited return to the ring to battle Ghost!

After losing his BWS Tag Team Championship in Piétrebais, Ghost was actually due a rematch. But since his partner Andynamite will be busy dealing with Légion, he asked for a suitable opponent at our biggest show of the year.

When Priscilla offered to fight him, citing she?s beaten guys before, Ghost shrugged it off, saying he could beat her any day of the week. He might have forgotten about Priscilla's reign as the BCWF European Champion not too long ago!

Come see this unique match and much more on Friday, December 8, in Grivegnée at Wrestle World III!

Gilles le Suisse at Wrestle World III! 11.30.2017

Gilles le Suisse will make a guest appearance at Wrestle World III. The TV personality, known for his segments on '7 à la Une' on RTBF, travels all across Belgium to learn more about what our country has to offer.

This week the Swiss will visit our Belgian Wrestling School training center to get a taste of Belgian wrestling, and next week he'll be at the show!

Will he just come and say hello to the fans, or will he do something more? Come and find out for yourself, on Friday, December 8, in Grivegnée!

Andersen vs Legrand at Wrestle World III! 11.28.2017

Wrestle World III will see another unique match, as Blake Andersen and Alex Legrand will fight it out to see who's best!

Alex has the hometown advantage, but he does have something to prove as he battles the former BWS Champion.

Blake, who wrestled two matches at our last show, and won them both, said he?s at the top of his game and looking to ruin Legrand's party.

Tickets are still available for Wrestle World III, so grab them now! Only ten more days until the big show on Friday, December 8, in Grivegnée!

Falls Count Anywhere at Wrestle World III! 11.24.2017

Wrestle World III will finally see another clash between the powerhouse from Liège, Andynamite, and the behemoth, Légion! The two will battle it out in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

Problems between the two began at last year's Jyva'Zik festival, when Légion almost caused Andynamite to lose his match against Ghost. The monsters met in the ring the day after, with Légion getting disqualified when he wouldn't stop attacking a defenseless Andynamite.

Since then, tension between them only rose. Every time they crossed each other backstage at shows, people got scared of what would happen.

President Salvatore Bellomo has now decided to finally put an end to their cold war, pitting them against each other at the biggest show of the year. Assuming that the ring would be too small for the two monsters, he put them in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

Grivegnée will become a war zone when the two giants collide, on Friday, December 8, at Wrestle World III!

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